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What do you know about LOL? If this question seems difficult to you, then this is the article just for you. The LOL or League of Legends game is one of the most world-famous ones created in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. Its massive popularity is evident today as the new generation of cyber sportsmen is fighting on its battleground.

You can also find this game in the e-sports section, among other sought-after creations on any eminent betting brand platforms, such as 1xBet. You can easily bet on your favorite team from an Android, iOS mobile app 1xBet, or via the standard PC site.

In the article, you will find many interesting facts, some explanations, and guidelines on how to bet on this game, which markets to use, and some recommendations from expert cyber sports punters for beginners.

What is a League of Legends: The Reasons for Its Popularity

What is a League of Legends

This is a game whose main concept is a tournament between two teams, 5 versus 5 or 3 versus 3, and a couple of other gaming modes. However, every cyber player knows how to defeat the enemy and destroy its Nexus. The game was developed during the roaring success of such RPG games as Warcraft, DOTa, and some other strategic entertainment products. Basically, LOL became the first Riot Games-developed quality product.

Later, it proved its uniqueness and demand. Many punters worldwide still do not let this game become history. Instead, it became legendary and still causes major interest among bettors and players. But let’s look at a bit of its history; maybe it can help us understand this global gaming phenomenon better.

Brief History of LOL

The game was developed by one of the world’s most famous creators, Riot Games, in 2009. As the rumor claims, the main idea was inspired by another popular strategy game, WarCraft III. Ever since the game was played around the world, it has become very popular among players and fans of e-sports betting. The wave of high demand is still flying in the air, causing many users to enjoy it.

Besides, Riot Games was among the first to create a huge cybersports organization and achieve the main purpose of officially recognizing cyber sports as a type of actual sport. As a result, its tournaments have become some of the most well-known competitions in the world.

Game Specifics

Every game has its special features. As you might not be aware, the gaming market is highly competitive and promises its users a whole bunch of options, regimes, and many more:

  • It is free to play. Meaning that you do not have to pay to participate.
  • LOL runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS devices.
  • The game has a PvP mode.
  • Two types of currencies are available in LOL.
  • There are over 160 champions available for play.
  • The gameplay has several gaming regimes and different maps.

Since its first release in 2009, the game has undergone some changes and adjustments via new modes and locations. Right now, LOL has over five engaging modes where punters can compete with each other in different proportions and with bots. 

What Opportunities Does It Have?

The list of options included in the game is impressively extensive. It contains everything a modern player would wish for, from an engaging plot to powerful rewards. The game has two types of currencies.

The first one is called RP or Riot Points and can be used to purchase some cosmetic items, like skins. This in-game currency serves to change and modify the looks of your champion.

The second one is called BE or Blue Essence. It is considered to be the main currency in the game that can be awarded after winning matches. Other than this, BE points can be purchased through the RP coins. And the latter can only be bought for real money.

So, if you think sports betting is different, check out this MOBA creation, where players can spend the whole budget for new armor or skin.

How to Play It?

This is an Internet-connected game where many people interact with each other, have live conversations, and have rich settings. Register to become one of its members. However, you would need to start your way from the lowest levels and gradually succeed by fulfilling multiple tasks and challenges.

It was already mentioned several times that this game has several modes that make the whole gameplay a bit more engaging and exhilarating. Together with your team of players, you can choose which regime to pick, or you can even battle 1×1 with a direct opponent. 

Is It Popular in Uganda?

Currently, there are some true fans of this game in Uganda. However, do not be fooled if you come across the Kings of Uganda cyber team. These players are from the Northern American region. However, there is a mystic video with a person who calls himself a Ugandan Announcer. 

He is running with a sword and defeating his enemies on the go. But if you are from Uganda and particularly interested in forming a cyber LOL team, there is a great opportunity because you will be the first one to make something like that in this country.

Benefits of Betting on League of Legends: Choosing a Platform

Benefits of Betting on League of Legends: Choosing a Platform

If you plan to place your first stake in this game, you will need to visit the special betting section for all such games. LOL is one of the most exciting and rewarding games that is ideal for cyber sports betting.

Basically, all quality and well-known brands are okay to wager. The only parameter that can vary is the number of markets. However, let’s review every criterion in the list to identify a great betting club:

  1. License. It is the first marker of the legitimacy of the bookmaker. If you see a local Ugandan or some quality, reputable active license from Curacao e-Gaming, MGA, and other such regulators, you can be sure the website is not a fraud.
  2. E-sports section availability. Then you can see if LOL is one of the games in the cybersports section.
  3. Odds’ rates. Observe if the rate percentage is not that low. It is not a thing for a savvy punter, but it is worth checking because if you see a bookie with higher odds, it can be more beneficial to bet there instead of the current club.
  4. Proven payment variants. Check the payment section to make sure that this betting brand cooperates with local financial organizations so you can make easy and instant transfers without any currency exchanges and fees.
  5. Attracting bonus deals. See if the bookie offers some freebies that help you place more bets for real money and save your bankroll.

If you see all of the options match the criteria above, congratulations, It is a good choice! You can join this bookmaker and place bets on any LOL outcome. Some punters even develop their own strategy on how they can make a winning prediction. Sure, they use some tips they retrieved from their more experienced colleagues. So, the following part of the article is devoted to recommendations.

What Markets Are There to Bet On

What Markets Are There to Bet On

One of the most unique things about betting on League of Legends is its set of exclusive markets. Only true fans can understand them. So, this part is devoted to descriptions of some of the most demanded and widely used variants. Check the list below to observe all in detail with comments:

  1. An outright winner of the main tournament. This is a classic 1×2 market where you can only bet on the victory of any of the performing teams or on a draw to happen.
  2. Match winner. This is also one of the classic markets so loved by punters. However, here, you would be betting on particular players to win.
  3. League winner. Betting on leagues is similar to matches, and you also need to predict which player wins with honors.
  4. First blood to spill. As a rule, this outcome determines the first kill in a match.
  5. Total/correct match score. Here, you can choose how many points will be appointed to any of the preferred teams.
  6. Quadra or Penta kill. These markets offer you the choice of which one of the players makes four or five kills within a limited time. 
  7. The most kills in battle. Here, you can predict who will kill the most enemies during the match.
  8. First/second, and so on, inhibitors are destroyed. This type explains itself. Those who know this game understand what an inhibitor is. So, you can bet on the first team to break it ahead of another one.
  9. The first/second and so on tower was destroyed. The same market is always for towers. There are at least three towers to demolish, so you can choose which team will be the first one to do it.
  10. The first champion has a particular level of skills acquired. The character who manages to obtain new and powerful skills can bring you some real cash if you place your stake in this market.
  11. Map winner. There are several maps in the game and bet on the winning team within a particular map.
  12. Odds/even score. You can decide whether your favorite team will score more or less points based on some number established by the bookie.

Any of the markets look very attractive. However, to place a successful stake here, you need to be aware of the team members and their skills and reputation. It will help you to analyze their performance and make an accurate prediction. You can even make it via the Android, iOS mobile app 1xBet, which can be easily downloaded from the bookie’s official resource.

How to Place a LOL Bet: Tips for Beginners

How to Place a LOL Bet: Tips for Beginners

One of the most burning questions among punters from Uganda is how they can place a victorious stake. So, here you can find some valuable expert tips that help your betting performance elevate from pretty bad to better:

  1. Choose your favorites. There are many teams that participate in major tournaments, but there is no need to know everything about all of them. Focus on at least two eminent participants.
  2. Do small research. Find as many facts about every member as you can, observe their gaming history, and how they became professional sportsmen.
  3. Analyze the battleground. Since LOL has different maps, it will be a great advance to know where this game is going to be played. If it is impossible to do, observe reviews on all of the locations.
  4. Read expert publications and news from the upcoming tournaments. Finally, compare your predictions with experts, if you know some, other players, if you know where, and prediction websites, if you have them.

Besides, you should be disciplined not to spend the whole bankroll on nothing and consider some of the circumstances that can influence the mental state of the team members, such as probable in-game confrontations and revenge. Since cyber sport is not about the actual physical form, you need to observe what is going on between the champions inside the game.


The final words will underline the uniqueness of such wagering and the powerful phenomenon of the LOL game that has continued to maintain its popularity since 2009. If you know this game, it will definitely bring you joy and let you earn more real money.

Before you choose to place bets on the League of Legends game, you should do a small research on the participating teams. Although there are nine in Uganda, you can choose any cyber sportsman from another location. Besides, be prepared to see what it is like to battle in various locations and modes before you make a stake.


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