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Warrior Gaming Skins

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Warrior 1 Gaming Skins are handmade with flex-stitching to follow the contours of your hands. Their fingerless, lightweight design provides flexibility, stabilization and full range of motion. They act like a second skin, so you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing them!

Warrior 2 Gaming Skins offer extra wrist support for extended gaming. Featuring built-in wrist straps Warrior 2’s allow you to adjust the compression around your wrists for maximum comfort and support.

Handmade in the USA. Ships in 10 business days.


Product description

Manufactured in the USA
Each pair of our Warrior Gaming Skins is individually printed and hand-stitched right here in the USA.

The moisture-wicking compression fabric increases blood flow, reduces muscle fatigue, and boosts your overall performance.

Happy Hands = More Game Time = More Wins. What could be better than that?

Small/Youth: Height below 5’4″ tall or ring finger size below 8
Medium/Large: Height between 5’5″ and 6’3” or ring finger size up to 13
X-Large: Height over 6’4” or ring finger size 14 and up

11 reviews for Warrior Gaming Skins

  1. Shawna J Springman

    I have Neuropathy in my hands. I’ve tried compression gloves before with minimal success. But with these gaming skins I have gotten significant relief from pain. A great product that is well made. I’ll be ordering more asap.

  2. Catherine (verified owner)

    I have a career in art, but play rhythm games competitively in my spare time. I only received them today, but I can already tell the difference when drawing! We’ll see how they work out for my next tournament, but so far I’m impressed!

  3. Ashley Harrison (verified owner)

    I love the pattern and compression. They’re soft too! But, they look like they are printed inside out. The seams are all on the outside and it looks strange. Not sure if that was intended or not.

  4. mwbodden82

    I absolutely love my skins. I own the warrior2 and wear them any time I’m gaming or working on the computer. An absolute 10/10 👊.

  5. Kiara Worcester (verified owner)

    Just got them today and I can already tell a difference in typing haven’t tried them gaming yet but so far they feel great

  6. Phil Wolf

    I’ve been using these things for a while now. Have been getting the wrist supports from grocery stores for years now ( almost 30, gaming since… I dunno, when did Banjo Kazooie come out? also a programmer so that doesn’t help ) and they generally start to wear down very fast especially in the strap. The straps on the warrior 2 skins have yet to fail me after months of wearing and they do indeed help reduce the stress and pain in my hands.

    The only problems I’ve had with these gloves are that they got dirty super quick ( i DID get the white ones so… ) and the knot in the thumb digs into my hand making them uncomfortable after a few hours ( which might just mean I need to get the largest size, and also, emphasis on hours ).

  7. pair2wear (verified owner)

    Work great so far! Haven’t been able to put a bunch of time into using them yet, but the short time I have worn them, they’ve provided support in all the right areas (wrist and thumb on my right hand). The fit is a little snug (ordered the Medium/Large) and my only worry has been taking them off and damaging them, but that hasn’t happened. Everything about them seems sturdy, from the fabric in the skins themselves, to the wrist supports. The fit isn’t too tight and feels really comfortable almost to the point of not even noticing i have them on. The fabric really fits the contours of your hands and is pretty breathable. My biggest issue i have currently is wearing a compression glove with a wrist support around my right wrist and my hands get warm quickly. These skins alleviate that because i still get the support I need in my wrist and thumbs, without my hands overheating.

  8. Jordan (verified owner)

    I just received my Warrior 2’s the other day! I get hand/wrist pain because I spend a lot of time on the computer between my day job, online side jobs, and also my gaming hobby. I have to admit the branding as these “GaMeR gLoVeS” made the purchase feel a little silly at first, but they really work. I just pop em on as soon as I start to feel wrist fatigue. The fit is just a tad weird– they’re super tight around my thumbs but a little loose around the knuckles elsewhere, maybe just because I have small hands— and the fabric pattern isn’t nearly as nice as it looked online (I got the “string theory” pattern.) Nonetheless, they DEFINITELY do their job, and I’m kinda in love with em.

  9. acolorfulbear (verified owner)

    I’ve been wearing the warrior 2s for a while now I’m a gamer and a sewing machine operator with de quervains tendonitis in both wrists and these gloves have saved me! I can wear them comfortably for hours at work and even with daily use they are still in pretty good shape! Highly recommend to not just gamers but anyone working with their hands!

  10. Katrina (verified owner)

    I’m loving these so far! I have chronic pain and tendonitis in both hands and wrists and this has been helping while gaming. My only complaint is that small/youth size is too big for me and doesn’t fit quite right. I’m assuming this is based on men’s hand sizes.

  11. Rachel Roberson (verified owner)

    I got a pair of the Warrior 2 gloves for my birthday to help with hand/wrist pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and they give so much support it’s awesome. I mainly use them when playing on the Switch has a handheld but they do help when I’m PC gaming as well. Plan on ordering a second pair soon

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