Blade I RM4 Gaming Glasses

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RM4 gaming glasses for Ritual Motion, designed by Fifth and Ninth were developed to reduce the effects of blue light. Blue light may cause eyestrain, increase the risk of macular degeneration, and can, in worst cases, cause sleep cycle disruption by suppressing the production of melatonin.

RM4 gaming glasses have a classic frame design with rectangular lenses, with a minimalist and lightweight style. Their blue light lens technology helps to reduce the temporary effects of digital eye strain such as headaches, dry eyes, and blurred vision while helping to reduce glare and improve contrast so you can game more comfortably for longer.


Product description

Technical Info:
– Helps reduce the temporary effects of digital eye strain such as headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes
– Lenses reduce glare and improve contrast
– Measurements: 56–15–137
– Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses
– Rectangular frames

Available colors
Red, White, Black

1 review for Blade I RM4 Gaming Glasses

  1. Jeremy Gullion (verified owner)

    Just got my pair and first impression was “wow these were only 30?!” I was genuinly surprised by the quality of these glasses comapared to similar companies that I pay triple for usually. Nice springs and durable feel. The lens have a very slight yellow tint which is the blue light eliminator but they aren’t as obnoxious as amber lens. The nose bridge is comfortable and doesn’t leave blemishes or any pain. The shipment included a mid grade bag for carry which was nice since they weren’t packed in the box super securely. The color(i chose the white) was super clean and had a nice feel to them. There is a branding on the side arms. Fifth and Nine who is the original maker of the glasses. I will be getting other styles for sure!!

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