Anti-Stress Capsules


60 capsules per bottle

Most gamers believe that gaming and the gaming community have a positive effect on their emotional health – and they would be right! However, gaming itself can be stressful, as can day to day life away from gaming. Knowing that 51% of you feel anxious regularly, we thought an anti-anxiety supplement might help.

This carefully formulated supplement blends vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and herbs to help reduce anxiety without the adverse side effects often associated with prescription drugs.

Ritual Motion Anti-Stress Formula is designed to:

  • Support symptoms of PTSD
  • Assist individuals with OCD
  • Offer relief to Individuals prone to depression
  • Help people coping with environmental stresses

Product description


Take 2 capsules once per day. Best results occur when these veggie capsules are taken 20 – 30 minutes before meals with an 8 oz glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Specially formulated supplements for Healthy Gamers

When we started Ritual Motion, we made it our mission to listen and understand our community so we could bring you the best products and resources to improve health, happiness, and success while gaming.

Earlier this year, we launched the first-ever gamer’s health survey and recently followed it up with the first gamer’s nutrition survey. Through both surveys, we discovered some very interesting patterns relating to personal energy levels, sleep patterns, and levels of focus while gaming.

Because our goal is to help you “win well”, we teamed up with a group of nutrition professionals to deliver a range of supplements that are specially designed for your gaming needs.



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