Top 5 Gaming Accessories for Better Health

It’s easy to get caught up in gaming for hours at a time. We’ve all been there. The next entry in your favorite series is out, and you play it for six hours straight. Over the course of that, you might be sitting in a lumpy armchair with your eyes straining. Eventually, your back and head hurt. As gaming has evolved, so have the ways in which we play games. Previously, we covered some of the ways you can level up your gaming space with accessories like a nice keyboard and headset. If you’re dedicated to being a gamer for life, there are even more accessories you need that will help you play smarter, not harder. In our list of accessories to level up your gaming space, we mention our Warrior Gaming Skins, which offer wrist and joint support for your hands as you game. To make the most out of your gaming time, it’s important to stay on top of your health and well-being. While taking care of yourself when you’re not gaming is important, there are things you can do and use while you game to make sure you’re always covering your bases. Here are five gaming accessories you need to maintain your comfort, well-being, and overall health.

Blue Light Glasses

Gamers spend hours upon hours in front of screens. This can lead to a lot of eye strain, fatigue, dry eyes, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. The culprit? More often than not, blue light. Because the light from our screens is artificial, our eyes process it in a different way that can cause negative side effects. Blue Light Glasses help block the blue, high-frequency light that screens emit. These glasses help your eyes relax. Things on your screen are much clearer and in focus when wearing them. These can bolster your abilities as a gamer, too, if you’re not dealing with eye strain and headaches. If you’re into competitive games, who doesn’t like to win more?

A Great Monitor

A great monitor gives you more than just a crystal clear picture of the game you’re playing. It also can come with a variety of bells and whistles to better your health, too. We aren’t talking about anything life-changing, but there are monitors that can offer small but worthwhile improvements. If you wanna go a step further from blue light glasses, get a monitor that has a built-in blue light filter. There is also some evidence that a curved monitor can help reduce eye strain. has a great list of gaming monitors that offer blue light filtering.

A Flexible Desk

It’s important to balance gaming with some sort of movement if you're physically able. If you’re with gaming for the long haul, even standing on occasion can help with that. A desk that can be adjusted for sitting or standing offers a number of benefits. Standing can help increase your blood flow and in turn your energy levels - letting you be even more on top of your game. Nowadays, there are plenty of desk options. Some, like Autonomous, offer presets so, with the touch of a button, your desk can go to the perfect height for you to move from sitting to standing. You know you’re living in the future when you can adjust your desk with the push of a button.

Vitamins and Supplements

Part of our goal here at Ritual Motion is to offer ways to better your health, happiness, and success while gaming. We recently partnered with a group of nutrition experts to create a line of supplements designed for the needs of gamers. The line we offer includes supplements to help combat stress and a lack of sleep. A large number of gamers have issues sleeping - blue light can sometimes be the cause of that. We also have supplements for general health and to increase focus. Everyone should be taking vitamins. Consider this to be your reminder for today.

A Gaming Chair

While we mentioned it in our guide to leveling up your gaming space, having a good chair is worth repeating. Since most gamers do spend much of their time playing seated, a good chair is paramount. If you invest in anything from this list, let it be a great chair. You’ll want to keep an eye out on chairs that offer a lot of ways to adjust so you’re sitting in the most comfortable position. The armrests, incline, and height of the chair should all be adjustable, and you’ll also want a neck and lumbar pillow for support.