Ritual Motion Presents: Fashion in Gaming

Fashion In Gaming
Ritual Motion GUILD will be taking a deep-dive look at the intersection of fashion and gaming through a live, virtual summit to be held on March 31st from 3:00-6:00 PM EST. Join us for this free event featuring expert panelists, gaming influencers and live audience networking opportunities. Gaming has evolved from a hobby into a full blown lifestyle in recent years and emerged as an identity for millions of passionate gamers. As part of this evolution and through the growing visibility of gamers in society, the organic adoption of fashion as a form of expression and entertainment has exploded among the community. From the latest trends in gaming and esports to a highlight of women's apparel in gaming, the three hour event will dive into the important topics surrounding games and fashion. Come hang out and speak with some of the most influential people in the world of video games and fashion! Guests include:
  • Breanne Harrison-Pollock: Co-Founder, Ateyo
  • Sam Wells: Managing Director, Raven.GG
  • Avori Henderson : Streamer/Content Creator, XSET
  • Lorena Acevedo: Co-Founder, Esports Makeup
  • Rosa "MamaRosa" Menendez: Co-Founder, Esports Makeup
  • Justin M. Jacobson, Esq.: Manager, Ford Models
  • Crystal Mills: VP of Content, Ritual Motion
  • Katherine Amoukhteh: Founder, Esports College & Career Pathways
  • Tanim Ahmed: Marketing Creative Consultant
  • Traci Cook: Senior Producer, SuperGenius Studio
Come learn about how the fashion industry is impacting the gaming space, what the current trends are in gaming and fashion, as well as the issues behind women's fashion in the industry. Each panel discussion will move into a networking hub where you can hop on camera, ask questions to our incredible roster of speakers, and join the conversation! To stay updated, follow Ritual Motion on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The full outline of the event will be posted soon, but you can RSVP now for free.