Ritual Motion Adds Crypto Tipping to GUILD

crypto tipping GUILD
There are only two platforms that allow instant crypto tipping: Twitter and Ritual Motion GUILD. Our live video platform powered by creators in the gaming and esports industry has become packed with new content. GUILD allows anyone to instantly schedule a session and go live with their audiences in an on-stage setting that's perfect for Q&As, panel discussions, podcasts, and so much more. Now, creators can earn tips in the form of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as well as cash (USD)! https://youtu.be/t3tM3fIc28M If you are a Ritual Motion GUILD content creator, you will be notified via email that you have been tipped by a viewer. Ritual Motion GUILD sends tipped Bitcoin (minus any transaction fees to the wallets of content creators every Friday. For complete instructions on how to earn and give Bitcoin, click here.