Nintendo Switch Sports: 5 Games That Need to Join the Roster

Nintendo Switch Sports swordplay
Nintendo Switch Sports has now been on the market for a month, and fans are eating up the Wii Sports nostalgia. Still, the game feels like it could be better. Right now, there are six sports available: tennis, bowling, badminton, chambara, soccer, and volleyball. In the age of content updates, there's totally potential for Nintendo to add more sports games to Switch Sports later. We already know golf is on its way this summer; here are some other games that could fit well into Switch Sports.


Basketball first appeared in Wii Sports Resort (which had a whopping 12 playable sports overall). Players could participate in two modes: a 3-point contest and a 3-on-3 pickup game. In 3-point contest, the goal was to shoot 25 basketballs into different racks within five minutes. Then, 3-on-3 was a more traditional basketball game where one team had to score more points than the other by making different types of shots. Basketball could easily make a comeback in Switch Sports. The good news? It just might. A dataminer revealed on Twitter that they found references to basketball within the game's code. It's possible the sport could arrive in a future update along with or after golf.

Dodgeball Dodgeball would be completely new to the Sports franchise, but Nintendo could pull it off. Hey, it worked in Mario Sports Mix. Players could potentially use a button or a Joy-Con motion to catch the ball or dodge it and then use a throwing motion to send the ball back. (We can see the broken TVs already). Dodgeball is another sport with a good chance of future arrival, since it was found in the same datamine.


Archery was another fun game in Wii Sports Resort. The player had to use a bow and arrow to hit targets while factoring in wind and aim. Each level also had hidden targets that could earn points for a reward. The concept could carry over into Switch Sports by giving players a chance to unlock more clothes and accessories. Plus, it could even have the option to use Ring Fit Adventure's Ring-Con as the bow.


Wii Sports boxing Wii Sports boxing
Boxing is a classic from the original Wii Sports, yet it's missing from Nintendo Switch Sports. Players used the Wii remote and nunchuck to punch with both hands, so that could easily translate to using both of the Switch's Joy-Cons. Plus, the Switch has already found success with the Fitness Boxing series. (Although that could be a reason why Nintendo won't bring boxing to Switch Sports, since it already exists elsewhere on the Switch in pretty much the same concept.)

Disc Golf

Frisbee Golf existed in Wii Sports Resort, and it could absolutely make a comeback in Switch Sports. In one version of the game, the player tossed a frisbee for a dog to fetch and earned points based on where the dog caught it. Then, the other mode was a more traditional game of frisbee golf (which is similar to actual golf). Disc golf still has the potential to cause broken TVs, though. Nintendo Switch Sports is available now on Nintendo Switch.