Gaming requires many hours in front of your computer, TV, tablet or phone. But no matter what device you game on, you’re looking at a screen for long periods of time. For many, that can lead to dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and even neck and shoulder pain. The reason? A little something called blue light.

What’s the problem with blue light?
Much the way that ultra-violet light or UV light from the sun can cause stress and damage to our skin, blue light can cause similar stress and damage to our eyes. The docs call it computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain. Unlike sunlight, the blue light from our devices is artificial. And while exposure to some natural blue light is healthy, the amount of exposure we are now getting of artificial blue light from our devices is not as great. Our eyes are simply not yet evolutionarily attuned to taking in so much of it.

That means that when we look at screens and are bathed in that light for several hours a day, our eye muscles have to work harder to filter the light, and strain to stay clear in ways they’ve never had to before. In fact, some studies have concluded that too much blue light can cause eyes to deteriorate 19-22% faster than normal aging. Worse still, it has the potential to cause retinal damage and disrupt your body’s melatonin production, causing sleep issues for some. And along with all of this, digital eye strain tends to be worse later in the day as the sun sets and natural light goes away, which also tends to be when most people start their gaming.

This can be bad news for anyone. But for gamers specifically, it means that your gaming performance can suffer. And whether you’re playing a pro level, or with some friends in your basement, anything that causes your game to suffer needs a fix. Gaming glasses are just that fix.

How gaming glasses help
Gaming glasses are made with specially designed lenses that block out the harsh, high-frequency blue light with an anti-reflective coating that also reduces glare. Many styles have a yellow tint to the lens to even further soften the blue light, slowing the intensity and wavelength frequency of the light coming to your eyes. Some lenses are even designed to filter out UV light as well.

When these kinds of light waves are filtered out, your eye muscles relax which increases your ability to focus. You can see more clearly, and the objects on screen appear sharper which prompts faster reaction times. And you’re more able to maintain a normal sleeping pattern which aids your general health and gaming ability overall.

Different from standard computer eyewear, gaming glasses are typically designed to be worn with headsets or headphones and to encompass the wider angles necessary for a gaming view. Some have a further ergonomic design to fit tightly to the face, while also reducing pressure points that could cause headache or fatigue.

Save your eyes, save your game
In short, gaming glasses are the way to go. They help protect your eyes and overall health which in turn increases your game time, performance and ultimate win streak.

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