100 Thieves has been at the forefront of gaming fashion since its first collection drop and that hasn’t changed. However, the brand that was labeled the “Supreme of Gaming” has evolved since its first collection, and other organizations have used 100 Thieves’ success as a foundation for their own apparel. While 100 Thieves has battled against being called a “hoodie org” in the esports world, its apparel is some of the most wanted in the community thanks to its method of combining branded designs with a sprinkle of exclusivity. It’s a luxury streetwear brand finding huge success inside the volatile world of esports, but it goes beyond that.

While 100 Thieves helped spark the “gaming streetwear” craze in the community, it also bled into another industry: Luxury fashion. In 2021, the brand collaborated with Gucci, revealing a limited-edition backpack from the Gucci Off The Grid collection. The reception from other industry professionals was overwhelmingly positive, but the opinions coming from the community were unsurprisingly mixed. With the exclusive backpack coming in at $2500, it was obvious that the collaboration was never intended for the general gamer. However, it’s a historical moment for esports, especially as more luxury brands look to find ways to work in the gaming space.

Recent apparel drops include the 100 Thieves x Halo collection as well as the 100 Thieves x Attack on Titan line. While pieces from these collections are officially sold out, the demand still remains. At the time of this writing, a hoodie from the Halo collection is available for a minimum of $145 on StockX. The future of 100 Thieves apparel is exciting as more collaborations occur, and the evolution has been amazing to watch so far.


Fashion In Gaming

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